Since several years government and non-governmental organizations, are promoting a change of consciousness aiming to protect our natural resources and the environment.

The concept of “sustainable development”, defined as “any process where natural resources are preserved in benefit of present and future generations”, appeared for the first time in 1972 in the Stockholm Declaration. The goal was to implement policies in advance in order to ensure the evolution of a healthy environment.
This concept only referred to not to deplete completely the natural resources, but does not mention for example, environmental quality or life quality.
This flaw led to a subtle change on the definition and in the concept: “sustainable development”.

The Johannesburg Declaration (2002) , introduced a new definition “the process that serves economic, social, cultural needs and a healthy environment in the present, but without risking future generations needs”.
How to apply the term sustainable in cosmetic active ingredients production?

Sustainable cosmetics should make sure to get their active ingredients from renewable resources, taking care of the environment and the life quality of rural populations involved in obtaining the products.

Various international organizations like ECOCERT ( France), evaluates and certifies that the production of active ingredients coming from the ecological agriculture and promoting the development of sustainable projects.

Slowly cosmetic companies are becoming aware: including sustainable active ingredients, by no testing their products on animals and taking measures on environmental protection.

Dra. Viviana Flores


Member of the Argentina Association of Cosmetic Chemists

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